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Providing free high-quality education to underprivileged children in Bangladesh, OBHIZATRIK School is a transformative initiative committed to empowering students and breaking the barriers to education. Recognized globally, it has been honored as a top finalist in the prestigious Zayed Sustainability Prize's Global High School category.

OBHIZATRIK School, established in 2013 under the auspices of the OBHIZATRIK Foundation, represents a sustainable and transformative initiative dedicated to providing high-quality education to underprivileged children in Bangladesh. The school is committed to eliminating barriers to education by assuming full responsibility for all associated expenses, ensuring that these children receive free access to education.

The primary objective of the school is not only to alleviate poverty but also to empower its students to become active and engaged global citizens. In addition to delivering a comprehensive and inclusive curriculum, OBHIZATRIK School goes above and beyond by providing essential support services to its students, including regular medical check-ups, complementary healthcare, and nutritious meals. The school further fosters holistic development through the organization of enriching study tours and engaging sports events. Moreover, recognizing the integral role parents play in shaping their children’s lives, the school extends livelihood projects to empower and uplift families.

With its three branches (Mirpur, Rayerbazar & Latarchar) and a student body of 600, the OBHIZATRIK School has achieved a notable impact on the communities it serves. The establishment of the Latarchar branch at Patuakhali, remote Southern Island in 2019 marked a significant milestone as it brought accessible education to a previously underserved village, sparing children the burden of traveling long distances to attend school. Embracing a profound belief in the transformative power of education, the OBHIZATRIK School strives to extend its reach to financially disadvantaged children across Bangladesh, recognizing education as the key to unlocking a brighter and more prosperous future. This noble endeavor is made possible through the tireless efforts of dedicated volunteers and the unwavering support of generous donors, collectively working towards nurturing a generation of change-makers.

OBHIZATRIK School Addresses:
Mirpur Branch: 2D/5, Pallabi, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216

Rayerbazar Branch: House: 91, Sher-E-Bangla Road, Pulpar Road, Dhaka 1207
Charlata Branch:Latarchar, Rangabali, Patuakhali
Number of Students: 600
Number of Teachers: 25
  • Full Free Quality Education
  • Free Books, Notes and stationeries
  • Weekly nutritious food
  • Yearly Study tour
  • Yearly Sports
  • Weekly Medical Health Checkup and Free Medicine
  • Livelihood Projects for Students Parents
Here is how the students at OBHIZATRIK School benefits from it. It bears the cost of their monthly nourishment which is essential for our students as they come from the Slum Areas and are deprived of proper nourishment.In addition, 
it provides for their entire school attire and academic publications, sports and study tour. And most importantly,your monthly contribution supports us in providing an appropriate health care which is crucial for the residents of the
Slum Areas!

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Number of Students
Number of Teachers
The Zayed Sustainability Prize, a highly esteemed competition, serves as a global platform that fosters engagement and recognizes exceptional ideas and solutions in the domains of Health, Food, Energy, Water, and Global High Schools. In the year 2022, OBHIZATRIK School emerged as one of the top three finalists in the esteemed Global High School category, outshining thousands of applicants from around the world. This remarkable achievement led to the invitation of a representative from the school, accompanied by Siddik, a student from Class 9, to attend the prestigious Prize's Award Ceremony held during the 2023 Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW). This momentous recognition not only reflects the distinction of OBHIZATRIK School but also marks a proud milestone as the first Bangladeshi NGO school to secure a top-three position in this internationally acclaimed competition.
Story of Shathi and Apon

Shathi and Apon reside in Duaripara bholai Slum with their parents. Their father works as a Rickshaw puller and their mother works as a maid. They go to OBHIZATRIK School. Apon is a 2nd grader and Shathi is in Pre Edu. They come to school hand in hand and they are excelling in their academics. Shathi was inspired from her brother! And she wanted to study as well. From the streets of the slum to a civilized environment. We look forward to their success in the coming days.

Story of Shojib

I’m Shojib. I read in class 1. My father is a van puller and my mother works in houses as maid servant. I have a brother and 2 elder sisters .I live in Duaripara slum. I’m from bhola. I love to eat cake the most and love to play with my friends. I have a dream of being a Businessman. I need education for reaching my goal but my parents are unable to bear education expenses.Your support can change my life and my family will see to an end of miseries one day In Shaa Allah. Thanks.

Story of Meghla, a young-reader

First grader Meghla was enrolled in pre edu of OBHIZATRIK School last year, under the guardianship of Nandit Paul. Mr Paul came to visit Meghla today, they talked for a while and he inquired about Meghla’s interests and goals. He was thrilled to know that she loves to read books and promised Meghla to send some books for her next month. He will visit her again to share her learning’s.

Emon met his gurdian

Through the Sponsorship program, Emon’s education was sponsored by Mr. Athoi Rahman. He presently provides service at a private bank. Emon studies in grade 3 of OBHIZATRIK School, Mirpur branch. Last weekend Mr. Athoi Rahman paid a visit to our school to meet Emon. He spend a while interacting with Emon, asking about his studies, hobbies etc. They became close friends. This is how; you not only can sponsor a child’s education with only 1000 tk but can also become his guardian. This 1000 tk is properly utilized for the underprivileged child’s education, food, dress, stationeries and other necessities.

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