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Obhizatrik Foundation provides charity and volunteering service since 2010, working towards overcoming socio-economic challenges that Bangladesh has been facing since its independence as a nation.



Proper nutrition is the substratum of human development. By our nutrition program not only the children but also the adult and aged group of underprivileged community are being benefitted. 

Well-nourished children are better able to grow, learn, play and participate in their community development. They are also more alert in crisis situation.

The poorest and most vulnerable disadvantaged group of children are not getting the nutrition they need to survive and thrive because of their inaccessibility to proper health and nutrition facilities. At least one in three children under 5 is affected by malnutrition. 

For the children of our three school branches, we arrange monthly grocery event where the families of the children are given a grocery bag consisting of daily food commodities stock for a month. Additionally, we also provide the bag to the beneficiaries of our livelihood programs. Besides our beneficiaries we also provided grocery bags to the other needy dwellers of the suburbs and slum areas surrounding our benefitted areas. Under this nutrition program of OBHIZATRIK Foundation more than 10 lakhs people have been benefitted. 


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Amar Dawat (Food Hanger)

Amar Dawat (Food Hanger) is a social inclusion project by Amar Daraz, a social contiguity of Daraz Bangladesh Ltd, with OBHIZATRIK Foundation as the operating and managing partner. This project was mainly planned to make an effective contribution in alleviating hunger and misery of the underprivileged people of Bangladesh.

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We have implemented our nutrition program with different events including Joy of Giving, Bina Poyshar Bazar & Amar Dawat.

Joy of Giving:

Joy of Giving program launched in 2014 by OBHIZATRIK foundation to provide varieties of aids and supports of food and nutrition facilities for the underprivileged community. The program includes Ramadan Sehri, Iftar, Grocery package which has rice, pulses, chick-peas, oil, sugar, salt and packets of vermicelli. 

We have organized several events under this program which includes “Sobar Jonno Iftar” & “Seheri Deen”. In ‘Sobar Jonno Iftar”, we provide the after meal of breaking fast in Ramadan. In “Sehri Deen”, we provide the pre-meal of fasting during the Ramadan. We have provided yearly sehri and iftar to more than 15 lakhs till now.


The joy of giving makes a person expand his or her life to a great extent. The best part is it gives a sense of satisfaction after doing a bit for the people around us who are in need of that. The mere act of giving fills a person’s life with joy and one’s own happiness multiples. 

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give”– a quotation by Winston S. Churchill, that energizes us to be a part of this noble initiative. 

Besides these events, each year we also provide Qurbani meat to around 50000 underprivileged who in general do not have the capability to take part in the sacrifice of Qurbani Eid festival.


Bina Poyshar Bazar:

We started this initiative to support those low-income people who could not maintain their family expenses due to loss of jobs during COVID-19 pandemic. Standard Chartered Bank, a renowned financial institution partnered with us in this humane deed. 

We provided various vegetables with free of cost at different locations of Dhaka. Our volunteer team sat with several stalls as isles full of vegetables. We covered Bihari camp, Mirpur 1, Shatarkul, Khilgaon. Sobujbagh, Jafrabad, Tongi in Dhaka, Chittagong town and Khagrachori. In this project, the number of beneficiaries is more than 2 lakhs. 

Amar Dawat:

This is a social inclusive project, funded by Daraz. It was mainly planned to make an effective contribution in alleviating hunger and misery of the underprivileged people of Bangladesh. Amar Dawat has been designed for anyone and everyone who calls for a snack at any given moment. The stores under the Amar Dawat project acts as platforms to bring together people of different economic background. Some are benefitted by accepting the snacks and some take part by donating for the smooth operation of this humane initiation. The project has been successfully implemented for a year now. The project is active in 30 shops of Dhaka city. Each beneficiary is given a packet of bun, a banana and a cup of tea with free of cost. This is in turn helping out minimum 16000 people monthly. 

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic and consecutive lockdowns, underprivileged children in Bangladesh were unable to access much-needed nutrition and health services. This includes routine immunization, treatment for illnesses including mid-day meals and so on. 

The Covid 19 pandemic has worsened the pre-existing crisis of child malnutrition, threatening families’ livelihoods, disrupting the availability and affordability of nutritious and safe diets, and straining the delivery of essential nutrition services with dire consequences for the most vulnerable children. 

There is a severe disruption in the delivery of public health and nutrition services, which are the main channels for these children. In addition, the prolonged closure of schools has brought the education of millions of children to a halt. Schools are not just for learning, but also places where children socialize, develop emotionally and some find a refuge from troubled family life. Globally, one in seven children’s mental health and well-being is at risk due to pandemic-induced lockdowns.

OBHIZATRIK Foundation always felt an urge to support and stand beside these underprivileged people in times of their need. We believe one of the most important things for our own happiness is the act of giving joy, happiness, courage, compassion to others.

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